24 Hours Can Help Change the World

In today’s world, a man faces multiple commitments to his spouse, children, workplace, community and Church. Every day the hours available to meet these responsibilities seem to dwindle while the commitments themselves seem to grow. It can be daunting for today’s man to find time to volunteer.

But, if a man can give just 24 hours a year to the Knights of Columbus he can make a positive difference in his community and Church, and have the fun and satisfaction of doing so. Below is an illustration of just how little time it takes to be an active member of the Order. Even with this minimal commitment he can be an important part of the council and reap the benefits membership offers to him and his family.

  • Six hours a year on a council sponsored activity of his choosing benefiting the Church, community, council, family or youth. Some examples are the annual Breakfast with Santa pancake breakfast, helping with the annual Soccer Challenge or Free Throw Contest, making calls to solicit donors for a blood drive, or marching in one of Naperville’s holiday parades.
  • Four hours a year attending two council meetings. Meetings are held the first Tuesday of the month at 7:30 PM in the K of C hall.
  • Four hours a year enjoying (possibly with his entire family) a council social function such as the annual Golf Outing, attending the annual Christmas Party, a Cougars baseball game with his family, a family bowling outing, or a Cubs or Sox game with his brother Knights.
  • Four hours a year volunteering at the council’s annual Tootsie Roll Drive fund raiser to benefit physically and/or mentally challenged citizens. Or, helping with the Regional Special Olympics track and field trials.
  • Four hours a year attending with his family Knight’s Masses, Pro-life Rosaries, or special prayer or adoration services.
  • Two hours reading the council newsletter, The Knight Watch, the K of C’s Columbian magazine, or visiting the Web site of the council, the State of Illinois K of C’s, or the Supreme Council.

That’s only 24 hours a year, which practically any man can fit into his schedule. The activities he participates in are of his choosing. There are 8,760 hours in a year. By giving the Knights of Columbus 24 of those hours (less than .3 percent), a man can be a better Catholic, a better father, a better husband and a better person. And he can help change the world!